Sunday, October 16, 2011

Latest Prints....

Complete Service, Phototype on Kitakata, 46 by 36 cm, 2011. This still life incorporates an album by Anita Bryant called "Abiding Love" along with a great corn-on-the-cob serving set (in the original display box) that I found at a Thrift Shop. The figurine conversation started off with a kicking-kid offering the demure Virgin Mary a swig of milk. Beside Mary is a most phallic cactus and lurking overhead is a double-image of a sporty dog, complete with tartan top-hat!

Baby Album, Phototype on Kitakata, 50 by 44 cm, 2011. I seem to have a plethora of adorable lamb figurines, which is not surprising since lambs so perfectly symbolize the joyous innocence that a new birth brings, and I am certain they were popular sellers during the post war baby-boom. Along with my cutesy lambs we have a peach shaped cookie jar (which really just looks like a bum) and the quintessential cluster of grapes - that for centuries have adorned so many still lifes. My grapes, however, are made of a wondrous rubbery plastic. Surrounding this assemblage is several cameras (equally wondrously plastic) that also became a symbol of the optimistic 50's. Topping it all off, is one of my favourite anthropomorphized objects within my collection, the lady buy salt-and-pepper shaker! What were they thinking? "I know, lets turn a lady bug into a human, giver her heart shaped pupils, long eye lashes and a crown-like head wrap.... but wait, we will turn them into salt-and-peper shakers just to make them useful."

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